Amenities at Heritage Sands are just what you would want for “your place on the Cape.”  Sun … sand … crushed shell paths winding toward the beach … and comforts that you may soon take for granted – but will remain the envy of friends and family!

The centerpiece of Heritage Sands is over 600 feet of private beach overlooking Nantucket Sound. Protected by 3 jetties, and with its own kayak and Sunfish launch, it’s a prime swimming, boating and fishing spot during the day … and cocktail and sunset spot every evening. For those who prefer their water less salty, Heritage Sands has a gated private pool for our residents and their guests. Adjacent to the pool and covered veranda, our clubhouse includes a catering kitchen and common lounge for larger neighborhood gatherings and private parties, and a gym equipped with all the necessities to start a guilt-free day of beach bumming.

Heritage Sands is maintained and operated by a professional property management team that will look after “your place on the Cape” as if it was their own.